What Companies Offer Snow Globe Repair Kits?

companies-offer-snow-globe-repair-kits Credit: Hachephotography/Moment/Getty Images

Snowdomes.com and NationalArtCraft.com offer snow globe repair kits and supplies. Depending on what part of the snow globe is broken, collectors may be able to find what they need at one of these websites.

Depending on the part of the globe that is broken, it may be possible to purchase a replacement piece or repair kit from Snowdomes.com. Snowdomes.com offers many different domes including plastic and glass domes. Plastic domes at Snowdomes.com come in small oval, medium round, medium oval and extra-large oval models. Glass domes are offered in small, large and extra-large. The website offers kits for purchase that allow an entire new snow globe to be created. A broken base or dome can be repaired easily with these kits.

NationalArtCraft.com offers individual snow globe parts for sale as well as silicone for creating a waterproof seal between the base and the globe itself. It also offers glitter, snow flakes and other drifting bits for replenishing a broken snow globe's sparkling, floating pieces.

These companies offer snow globe creation kits which can be used to repair a snow globe by using the pieces to replace broken pieces on the existing snow globe. For instance, a glass globe from the kit could be used to replace the broken globe on an existing snow globe.