What Are Some Companies That Offer Free Seed Packets?

Free seed packets are available from Freebie Select., Denver Urban Gardens and Ed Hume Seeds. Freebie Select offers free seed packets for wheatgrass and radish sprouts to homeowners who need them. Website visitors simply add the item to their carts and use the promo code MORESEEDSPLEASE during checkout as of 2016. Visitors can follow Freebie Select on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to receive updates on other available free seed packets and other free items.

Denver Urban Gardens provides individuals and families with free vegetable seeds. Eligibility is based on household income, so those interested in the free seeds should check their eligibility by viewing the Frequently Asked Questions section of the company website. The company has 40 distribution centers from which individuals and families can collect the seeds. Applicants can apply to receive up to seven free seed packets and eight transplants.

Ed Hume Seeds provides a free packet of vegetable seeds to people to help feed about 30 million Americans who go to bed without a meal. The initiative is to help reduce this problem without involving the government or red tape. Website visitors must fill out the form accurately and completely with their addresses and indicate their willingness to share their harvests with the needy.