What Companies Offer Residential Oil Tank Removal Services?


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Some companies that offer residential oil tank removal services include CommTank, Filco Company, Inc., New England Tank Service and SSG-BARCO. These companies specialize in both above-ground and underground tank removal. They also offer the services while adhering to the guidelines provided by the departments of the environment in their states.

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SSG-BARCO assists homeowners in navigating through the complex transaction regulations before removing the tank. For homeowners who do not know the exact location of the tank in their property, companies, such as Filco Company, Inc., help in locating the tank. CommTank carries out soil assessment in the area around the tank. The company's technicians take soil samples for a lab test to establish any risks and potential hazards. After the removal of the tank, these companies submit a detailed tank closure report to the state and fire departments as a confirmation that the tank is removed.

Tank removal requires a homeowner to obtain a local permit, which some companies can help with. All the oil must be removed from the lines and tank before removing the tank. After removal, tank removal companies clean the excavation site and dispose off any harmful materials. If there is any contamination of the underground water, the company must report to the relevant departments. The companies then cut, clean and scrap the tank.

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