What Companies Offer Pest Control in Brentwood, California?


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Discovery Pest Control, Killroy Pest Control, Terminix and Pest Scene Investigators are some companies offering pest control in Brentwood, California, as of 2015. Additionally, ATCO Pest Control, Bongiorno Termite Control, and The Hitman Termite and Pest Control serve the Brentwood area.

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What Companies Offer Pest Control in Brentwood, California?
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Discovery Pest Control offers complete residential extermination services inside and outside the home. The company handles mice, spiders, ants, cockroaches and bees and charges no additional fees for bees or wasps. Discovery also specializes in fly control for dairies and farms, using organic treatment to eliminate larvae in the barn and special equipment to eliminate hordes in the fields.

Killroy Pest Control provides solutions against rodents, garden invaders, termites and household insects. The company permanently eliminates spiders, fleas, bed bugs, roaches and other disease vectors. Killroy also offers commercial pest control. Sensitive Solutions is a division of Killroy offering non-toxic, natural and green pest-control systems.

Terminix uses liquid-barrier and baiting systems to eliminate pests. The firm handles over 100 invasive species and specializes in inspection, treatment and prevention services. Terminix offers ongoing subscription plans with guaranteed refunds and live damage repairs.

Pest Scene Investigators supplies services to commercial, industrial and residential properties. The company provides same-day and Saturday service and has 25 years of experience. Comprehensive lawn inspection and treatment are available.

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