What Companies Offer Block Window Installation?

What Companies Offer Block Window Installation?

Buffalo Glass Block and The Glass Block Companies offer glass block window products and installation services. Lowe's and Quality Glass Block also offer glass block window sales and installation.

Buffalo Glass Block offers glass block window products, design assistance and installation for the kitchen, dining room, basement, bathroom, home office and garage. The company carries five different designer series of glass block in a variety of colors. It also sells standard 3-inch and 4-inch glass block. Buffalo Glass Block provides Redi2Design, which customers use to customize window designs. The company offers installation service for homes and commercial construction projects.

The Glass Block Companies offers glass block window installations for basements and kitchens. The company, based in Ohio, also offers specialized water-resistant, vented block basement windows. The Glass Block Companies evaluates needs, assists with design and provides installations as well as supplies for do-it-yourself projects.

Lowe's offers glass block window installation and the company carries an extensive inventory of glass block windows. Lowe's carries several brand-name, fully assembled glass block windows, including REDI2SET, Pittsburgh Corning GuardWise, Pittsburgh Corning LightWise and CrystaLok brands.

Quality Glass Block sells clear, colored, decorative and shaped glass block products. The company sells prefabricated glass block windows. Quality Glass Block, based in Illinois, offers detailed instructions and phone consultations to help customers with do-it-yourself projects. The company offers limited installation services.