What Companies Offer Appliance Haul Away?

companies-offer-appliance-haul-away Credit: ColorBlind Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Appliance retailers often offer to haul away old appliances when delivering the new models. Companies such as Duke Energy actually pay to come and haul refrigerators away.

Lowe's, Home Depot and Best Buy are examples of companies that haul away old appliances when they deliver the new ones bought through their store. As an incentive to purchase through their store, they offer the haul away service for free in addition to free delivery. The old appliances are recycled.

Duke Energy, PECO and DTE Energy are companies that pay to haul away old refrigerators. In 2015, they offered a $50 rebate for old, working refrigerators. They mailed the check after having hauled away the old refrigerator.

DTE Energy also offers to haul away old freezers for an additional $50 rebate and old air conditioners or dehumidifiers for a $20 rebate. Energy companies offer this rebate as an incentive to get rid of old models that use a lot of electricity so that owners can replace them with energy-efficient models. These companies also recycle the refrigerator, either for parts or as a whole.

Companies such as Unwanted purchase old appliances based on condition and location and haul them away for free. Junk yards such as Mile High Removal haul away any metal items for free as long as a minimum amount is met.