What Are Some Companies That Move Sheds?

What Are Some Companies That Move Sheds?

Some companies that provide shed moving services include Northwest Shed Movers and Jed's Shed. Northwest Shed Movers, which mainly serves Kitsap County in Washington, also provides out-of-area services as of 2015, notes its website.

Northwest Shed Movers offers customers across-the-yard, across-the-street and across-the-county moving services for sheds, compact garages, gazebos and cabins. Using its custom-built moving trailer and shed "mule," this company can relocate a shed around Kitsap County for a minimum of $500 as of 2015. Small moves that involve transferring the shed across the yard costs at least $350, states Northwest Shed Movers.

Individuals who want to avail of Northwest Shed Movers's out-of-area services have to pay an additional $200 on top of the minimum price. This company is fully certified, bonded and insured.

Jed's Sheds provides customers with several options for their shed-moving needs. Aside from in-yard and across-town shed-moving services, this company also offers shed site inspections, shed site preparations, shed demolition and shed removal. For further details, individuals can reach Jed's Shed through the contact number posted on its website at JedsSheds.net.

Capitol Sheds is another company that provides moving solutions to those who want to take their sheds to a new location. Capitol Sheds requires that the shed is accessible to its trucks, is positioned on correctly placed runners and can withstand the moving process. The shed should also not exceed 10 feet and six inches in height and 12 feet in width, notes Capitol Sheds.