What Companies Manufacture Vinyl Siding?


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Certainteed and Georgia Pacific are two of the many manufacturers of vinyl siding. These companies offer their low-maintenance products in several colors and styles that mimic wood clapboard siding, shakes and shingles. These companies also produce vinyl accessories including corner trim and shutters.

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As of 2015, vinyl siding continues to grow in popularity for cladding the outside of homes. In 2011, one-third of the new homes constructed had vinyl siding.

Installing vinyl siding requires special techniques that allow the material to expand and contract as temperatures change outside. Most brands recommend nailing the materials in place, but the installer should not drive the nail until the head is tight against the material. Instead, he should leave about a 1/16-inch gap that allows for movement. He should also leave expansion spaces between the individual sheets to prevent warping.

Because the builder installs the material on the outside of the house, it requires regular cleaning. For light cleaning, a solution of vinegar and water works well. Using laundry detergent or special siding cleaners helps to remove stubborn stains. Some owners use a pressure washer, with the pressure setting reduced, although several manufacturers recommend against using these devices to clean vinyl siding. Organic solvents and undiluted chlorine bleach have the potential to damage the surface.

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