What Companies Manufacture Unique Prefabricated Homes?

LivingHomes, Method Homes, JABO and Sander Architects produce unique prefabricated homes. Other manufacturers of these homes include Stillwater Dwellings, Blu Homes, Vipp and Philippe Starck.

LivingHomes makes energy-efficient modular prefabricated homes from sustainable materials. Customers may mix and match modules to create a custom home plan. This manufacturer holds the U.S. Green Building Council LEEDS Platinum certification, which signifies that LivingHomes meets the Council's strictest standards of environmental sustainability.

Stillwater Designs also prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency in its manufacturing techniques and products. All of the company's prefabricated homes incorporate materials such as recycled glass. They also have six layers of insulation and come with solar panel adaptors.

Danish design firm Vipp produces a furnished prefabricated home called Shelter. This two-floor, 592-square-foot house features steel beams, glass paneled walls and a full complement of Vipp furnishings.

Blu Homes manufactures a line of prefabricated homes called Breezewater. These customizable homes feature high ceilings and spacious floor plans. Customers may also choose from a large selection of decorative materials, furnishings, appliances and configuration options.

The JABO Steps home is another unique prefabricated dwelling. Its distinctive features include wooden plank siding, an outdoor kitchen with running water, a rooftop deck and an exterior staircase with integrated planting beds.