Which Companies Manufacture Space Heaters?


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Makers of space heaters include Vornado, Lasko, Duraflame, Dimplex and Honeywell among many others. Many diverse types of space heaters are available, ranging from small desktop heaters to larger heaters rated to heat large rooms.

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The term "space heaters" almost always refers to portable, electric heaters, although permanently installed space heaters do exist. Space heaters increasingly include remotes for faster, more convenient operation. Broadly speaking, most space heaters are divided into convective heaters and radiative heaters. A convective heater heats the air in an enclosed space. In turn, warmed air heats objects and people within the enclosed space. This type of heater is best suited for well-insulated spaces

Radiative space heaters are better choices for rooms with poor insulation. For the most part, these heaters directly heat objects and people without needing to heat the air. For this reason, radiant heaters can even provide outdoor heating for patios and porches.

All manufacturers include safety features in their space heaters. Used improperly, an electric heater can represent a significant fire hazard. Users of space heaters should read all instructions carefully and follow all manufacturer recommendations and guidelines. Typically, manufacturers encourage users to keep space heaters well away from fabric, furnishings and walls.

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