What Companies Make Serving Carts on Wheels?

Some companies that make serving carts on wheels are Luxor, Geneva Design L.L.C. and Regency Service Carts, Inc. Each of these companies offers a large selection of specialty cart products in different materials and styles.

At the Luxor website, LuxorFurn.com, customers can view the different sizes and styles of serving carts with wheels made by this company. There are coffee and boardroom serving carts that are of varying widths, lengths and heights. Heights range from 34 to 40.25 inches. To buy these Luxor products, the website provides customers with a dealer locator page, which may be accessed by clicking on the "How to Order" tab at the top of the home page. The Luxor company is located in Illinois and makes specialty furniture, such as service, automotive and utility carts.

The Regency Service Carts company is situated in Brooklyn, New York and specializes in manufacturing restaurant and hotel equipment and products. The company offers a wide selection of different types of service carts, including dessert, cheese, carving, liquor, meat/fish display and pastry carts. The company also offers other types restaurant equipment, including buffet and banquet products.

Geneva Design L.L.C. is a company located in Milwaukee that offers well-designed service cart products and other restaurant furnishings. The company makes various models and styles of both veneer and laminate service carts. Additionally, some cart types offered by this company are induction, cooking, hot food, salad, coffee and portable dining carts.