What Companies Make Parts Cabinets?


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Companies that make parts cabinets include Akro-Mils, Vidmar and Kennedy. The cabinets made by these companies come in a number of styles and sizes.

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Akro-Mils makes steel cabinets that come in bin cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, modular, stackable and mini cabinets. The bin cabinets are very versatile because the back panels are made to accept a variety of drawers. This lets users fit exactly what they need in the bin. Modular and stackable cabinets are great for areas that have limited space or just need organization.

Vidmar cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee and are made of high quality materials. Preconfigured cabinets are set up in some of the most popular drawer and size combinations. These can be customized to fit a customer's specific needs. Vidmar has a selection of 5S cabinets as well. These allow customers to meet 5S, Kaizan or LEAN safety and organization requirements. Mobel cabinets and tool carts are ideal choices for people who work in a wide area like a factory floor or garage, because all their tools can move with them.

Kennedy offers a wide range of storage products but the K Series is its main cabinet series. There are three types of cabinets in the series, which are the K2400, K2000 and K1800. K2400 is the basic garage style cabinet good for multiple applications while the K200 and K1800 are made for professional and commercial applications.

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