What Are Some Companies That Make Outdoor Ash Trays?

What Are Some Companies That Make Outdoor Ash Trays?

Some companies that make outdoor ash trays are Kay Park Recreation Corporation, Peterson Manufacturing Company, Inc. and Anduran, Inc. Other manufacturers of outdoor ash trays include Best Litter Receptacles, Inc. and the No Butts Bin Company.

Kay Park Recreation Corporation is located in Janesville, Iowa and manufactures outdoor ash trays and snuffers. This company's outdoor ash trays are made from concrete, recycled plastic and plastisol, among other materials.

Peterson Manufacturing Company, Inc. is another Iowa-based manufacturer that produces a complete line of outdoor cigarette snuffers and ash trays. This company uses such materials as precast concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete, resulting in products that are heavy-duty, weather-proof and permanent. Peterson's ash trays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Anduran, Inc. is a manufacturer of outdoor ash trays located in Union, South Carolina. These ash trays feature a weather-proof plastic base with an aluminum ash tray and galvanized ash retainer. All Anduran products come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

The No Butts Bin Company in Madison, Connecticut manufactures different styles of outdoor ash trays, including free-standing tower bins and those with baffle system wall mounts. This company also makes a combo bin with a pyramid top for cigarette butts and a large receptacle for trash and cigarettes. According to the No Butts website, these bins are guaranteed for life against corrosion and lock failure.