What Are Some Companies That Make Ornamental Railings?

What Are Some Companies That Make Ornamental Railings?

Some companies that make ornamental railings include CustomMade, ARCAT and Elite Fence Products, Inc. Generally, ornamental railings come in steel, iron, aluminum and wood fabrications.

CustomMade ornamental railings come in a variety of styles, and the company builds custom designs. Using things like wrought iron and wood, CustomMade vendors produce everything from artisan railings to unique wood railings for porches, patios and stairs.

ARCAT makes various railings for indoor staircases as well as porches and patios. The company uses materials such as wire rope, decorative metals and formed metals to create unique designs for a variety of situations and locations. ARCAT makes railings with polycarbonate glazing that ensures the product lasts for years to come.

Elite Fence Products makes metal railings in a number of different styles, most of which can be used outdoors. The company coats each of its railings in a powder coating, which is durable and exceeds the lifespan of most other types of coatings. Although its selection is not as varied as the selections offered by other companies, Elite offers its railings in black, white, bronze, green and beige as of 2015. Customers have the choice of purchasing railing sections or one large, continuous piece.

Other companies that make ornamental railings include Custom Iron, Luxury Floor and Stairs, Decks Direct, Ameristar and BuyStairParts.com.