Which Companies Are Known for Producing High-Quality Carpets?


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A few highly reviewed carpet-manufacturing companies include Mohawk Industries, DuPont and Shaw as of 2016. Other popular high-end carpet-making companies include Atlas Industries and Stainmaster.

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DuPont is a leading manufacturer of residential carpets that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The company manufactures carpets, bath and door mats, and area rugs. A unique structural design makes each carpet soft and durable. These carpets made of Sorona do not become matted as the fibers are extruded in an uniform manner, making the rug resistant to crushing so that it retains its shape for many years. A stain resistance feature ensures that even deep stains, such as red wine and tomato sauce, are easily cleaned up. The stain resistance feature does not wash or wear off. The carpet is also low maintenance and dries quickly, according to the manufacturer.

Shaw Industries was started in 1946 as the Star Dye Company, and its main business was dyeing throw rugs. By 1958, the company was renamed the Star Finishing company, and the company went public in 1971 as Shaw Industries with 900 employees and about $500 million in sales profit. Some of the turning points of this firm include generating its own yarn from 1972 onward, buying its own dyeing plant in 1973 and creating its own truck subsidy, which enabled the company to vastly improve its shipment and delivery systems. Other factors that fuelled its success include striving to be a low-cost provider, reduced usage of electricity and water at the factories, and quickly incorporating new technologies, such as stain-resistant fibers, into its products.

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