What Are Some Companies That Install Carpet on Stairs?


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The majority of carpet installers routinely install carpet on stairs but usually charge more for it than standard services. CFIInstallers.com provides a searchable database of certified installers. Friends or family members who have had carpet installed may also provide a recommendation for a reliable carpet installation company.

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Carpet installers charge more for installing carpet on stairs because it takes more time and effort to install it well. The installer has to make multiple measurements and cut the carpet many times. If the staircase has railings, the installer must cut the carpet to fit around the railing posts. Installers may charge more for certain types of carpet that are more difficult to cut. The price may vary depending on other factors, such as the shape and size of the staircase, the type of installation and the size of the installation job.

To use less carpet, the installers can install runners to cover the middle of the stairs but leave the edges of the stairs exposed. Alternatively, installers can fully carpet the stairs, including the vertical surfaces between steps. Carpet installers may offer discounts if hired to install carpet in the entire house, including the stairs, rather than just installing carpet on the stairs.

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