Which Companies Have Information About Installing Metal Roofing?


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Some metal roofing websites, such as BestBuyMetals.com, ClassicMetalRoofs.com and MetalRoofing.com, provide information regarding the installation of metal roofing. At BestBuyMetals.com, consumers can learn how to install various types of metal roofing by downloading a PDF file.

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BestBuyMetals.com provides useful tips on installation such as wearing protective rubber gloves when installing for better grip and protection from sharp edges and how to remove filings after installation to prevent rust spots from forming. Additionally, this website features an online store where consumers can purchase metal roofing tools and accessories.

Classic Metal Roofs provides personalized customer service and information on roofing and installation. Visitors to the website ClassicMetalRoofs.com may request information on the company’s roofing products and have questions about installation answered by a roofing specialist. The website hosts information about energy-efficient reasons to choose metal roofing, stating that it requires less energy to be expended to keep a home at a comfortable temperature during the hot summer months. Additionally, the website notes that metal roofing is fire- and wind-resistant and inhibits the growth of moss and mildew.

MetalRoofing.com hosts a comprehensive forum on installation where consumers can view topics and have questions addressed by an expert. The site also features a large photo gallery of various types of roofing and colors along with comprehensive information about metal roofing benefits, such as reduced energy costs, home appreciation and insurance savings.

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