What Is a Compact Tractor?


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A compact tractor is a type of farm vehicle that is designed for use in situations where a normal tractor would be too large, such as mowing large grass gardens, moving heavy loads, and other general agricultural work. Compact tractors tend to have engines up to 50 horsepower, and are a cost-effective solution for small-scale farms or agricultural businesses.

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Compact tractors come in a variety of different models. Garden and lawn tractors are the smallest and cheapest type. These vehicles are designed for light lifting and loading tasks, and are ideal for cutting large areas of garden or grassland. Engine size for these types usually ranges in the area of 10 to 25 hp.

Compact tractors are slightly larger than the garden varieties, with larger engines. These are better suited to mid-weight agricultural tasks, such as plowing, loading and transport, especially in locations or situations that do not require the use of a full-sized vehicle. Maintenance of smaller fields and general yard duty are two examples of how a compact tractor might be used.

Some compact tractors are very versatile, and can be used to bail hay and plow snow, in addition to general towing and loading. They are more expensive than the garden and lawn models, but make an excellent all-around farm vehicle.

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