What Are Some Commonly Used Construction Tools and Equipment?


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Commonly used construction tools and equipment include steel measuring tape, belt sanders, orbital sanders, nail guns, framing squares and various types of saws. Construction contractors also use a variety of levels when building structures.

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Examples of saws that construction contractors typically use include hand saws, circular saws, jig saws, portable table saws, reciprocating saws and sliding compound miter saws. Each type of saw offers distinct advantages and disadvantages when cutting certain materials. For example, a circular saw is ideal for cutting wood, while a masonry saw must be used for ceramic materials.

Levels help to ensure that the structure being built does not lean in any particular direction, but instead stands erect and even. Levels typically work by balancing an air bubble inside of a fluid on a plank of wood or plastic, although some levels operate using lasers for increased accuracy. Construction contractors use levels when laying out sides for foundations, shooting grades for new foundations, leveling fencing posts, contouring drainage and estimating the fall of various pipes. A fluid-based carpenter's level is ideal for door and window installation projects, but laser levels are recommended for more professional construction projects, such as drop ceiling installation, floor installation or wall alignment.

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