What Are Some Commonly Reported Problems With Maytag Ice Makers?


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Some common problems with Maytag ice makers are the ice maker not working, the ice dispenser not working and the ice maker overflowing. These problems could be caused by malfunctions in the compressor or evaporator coil, auger motor, ice maker assembly or due to low water pressure.

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The most likely reason why the Maytag ice maker is not working is because the temperature of the freezer is too high. Freezer temperatures that are above 10 degrees Fahrenheit are too warm for the ice maker to work properly. A high temperature could be caused by build-up on the compressor coil, a malfunction in the compressor fan or an excessive amount of ice on the evaporator coil. Any one of these malfunctions limits the amount of air that can flow into the freezer component and lower the temperature.

The primary reason why a Maytag ice dispenser malfunctions is because the unit's auger motor is burned out. The auger motor is responsible for pushing the ice from the ice maker compartment down the chute of the dispenser. If the auger motor is burned out, then the blade that is attached to the motor cannot turn. To troubleshoot this problem, owners can remove all of the ice from the ice maker tub and try to turn the auger blade. If it turns freely, then the auger motor needs to be replaced.

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