What Are Some Common Wrought Iron Railing Parts?


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Some common wrought iron railing parts are the hand rails, balusters, scrolls and newels. All of these components fit together to form the wrought iron railing itself.

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The hand rails, as the name suggests, are the top portion of the railing system and are gripped with the hand to provide stability when standing near a railing or using a staircase. The balusters are the iron rods which run vertically between the hand railing and the bottom rail. The balusters' main function is to provide safety by preventing anyone from falling through the railing system. While balusters can be plain wrought iron bars, they are often very decorative to give the railing more style.

Scrolls are pieces of wrought iron bent into curved shapes. They are sometimes used merely as a decorative effect on the end of a railing but can also be used, in conjunction with balusters, as part of the safety features of a railing. Newels are the support system of a wrought iron railing. They are thicker bars of iron that are spaced throughout the railing and will run from the top hand railing down to the flooring. These newels provide support for the hand railing and help anchor the railing system to the floor or stairs.

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