What Are Some Common Words in Construction Terminology?


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Common words in construction terminology include abutment, aluminum oxide, boning rods, brick construction and foundation. Individuals working in construction may find it helpful to learn both the Spanish and English version of some of the most common words in construction terminology.

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To learn some of the most common words in construction terminology, construction workers can complete on-the-job training with more experienced workers. Apprenticeship programs allow individuals to complete two to four years of training in technical construction. Before an individual is allowed to work on a construction site, he may be required to complete a specific number of training hours.

A home or business owner may want to learn some of the more common words used in construction terminology before signing a construction contract. Such contracts include what work is being done, how much the project costs and all conditions and terms related to payment. In addition to listing the price of the project, construction contracts also typically include the specific materials to be used for the project. The property owner may not be familiar with such materials if he isn't aware of some of the most common construction terms, such as flush joint, half-lapped joint, heartwood, isolated pier and levelling instrument.

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