What Are Some Common Whirlpool Tub Repairs?


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Common repairs necessary with whirlpool tubs include unclogging the bathwater intake and replacing damaged or inoperative parts such as the water jets, heating elements or leaky pump union gasket. Other common problems are leaking water, clogged drains, cloudy or smelly water, and electrical problems that prevent the tub from starting. Leaks are usually due to a faulty seal, unclean water indicates a need to adjust the water's chemistry, and electrical problems may be due to broken wires or corroded terminals.

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The steps to clear a blocked bathwater intake are to unscrew the cover, clean the cover with laundry detergent and a toothbrush, then rinse it thoroughly before screwing it back in place. Following identification of a damaged or malfunctioning water jet, it is necessary to purchase the exact replacement jet part and follow the manufacturer's instructions for removing the old one. Some water jets untwist by hand while others require the use of a special wrench. The tub's owner's manual should identify the location, size and replacement part for the pump union gasket, as well as providing instructions to remove and replace it. After unplugging or turning off the electricity to the tub, test for a malfunctioning heating element with a multimeter, and if replacement is necessary, drain the tub completely before removing the damaged element and installing a new one.

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