What Are Some Common Ways to Combat Pest and Insect Infestations in the Home?

Common methods of combating pest and insect infestations include closing entry points and taking extra precautions in keeping the home clean. A clean house eliminates the food particles that attract pests. Repairing dripping faucets reduces the amount of water available for them.

Many insects enter the home through the door, the same way as the human occupants do. However, small insects do not always need the door open to enter the house. Installing a metal threshold, weatherstripping and a door sweep makes entry more difficult for the pests. Brush-type door sweeps are a good choice for keeping pests outside the house.

Owners can reduce the number of flying insects that enter their home by adding screens to the windows left open for ventilation. Flies, mosquitoes and gnats often enter through open windows. Even screened windows allow pests in the house if they have holes in the mesh. Patching the holes or replacing the screens reduces these invasions.

Dirty dishes, open containers of food and crumbs also attract pests. Storing open food in sealed containers or the refrigerator keeps bugs away. Eating in one area of the home and wiping down crumbs helps to reduce the available food in the home. If there are pets, owners should store their food in a sealed container. They should put away any excess food after the pet eats.