What Are Some Common Water Plants?

What Are Some Common Water Plants?

Some common water plants include the Amazon lily, blue pickerelweed, cattail, duckweed and fairy moss. Others include the lotus, marsh marigold, papyrus and parrot's feather. Society garlic, pitcher plant, sorrel and sweet flag are additional water plants.

The Amazon lily grows in full sun to widths of up to six feet across. Spiny prickles cover the leaves, and the lily's flowers begin to appear each summer. The blue pickerel weed grows up to three feet in height and has broad leaves. The plant thrives in ponds around the edges and produces lavender-blue flowers with glossy leaves that are up to three feet across.

Cattails grow tall and fuzzy, with some reaching heights of 20 feet. They often serve as perches for dragonflies and small birds. Duckweed features free-floating leaves that look like thyme, and it grows well in partial sun.

Fairy moss is another free-floating water plant that thrives in partial sun and shade. Fairy moss reduces algae in water, making it a good addition to landscaping ponds. The lotus produces plate-sized flowers and is known as a sacred flower in Asia. Lotus can reach heights of up to eight feet.

Papyrus features a firework-like display of leaves and can reach up to eight feet in height. Parrot's feather grows underwater, making it a good plant to grow in ponds with fish, as it gives them a place to hide. It is also an algae reducer.