What Are Some Common Water Filter Accessories?


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Common water filter accessories include mounting hardware and maintenance kits as well as testing and monitoring equipment. Outfitting filtration systems with the right accessories can improve their level of performance and dependability. Reverse osmosis membranes, replacement filters, booster pumps, pressure switches and gauges as well as faucet adapters are all examples of common accessory items. Other accessories may include water treatment products designed to soften hard water or adjust pH levels.

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Many systems require replacement of filters, treatment chemicals and other components from time to time. Accessories such as mounting hardware and equipment housing may benefit installation efforts or ensure that key components are better protected from corrosion and other sources of environmental damage. Other equipment options such as flow meters, pressure regulators and faucet adapters ensure that operating filtration systems is done with greater ease and convenience.

Accessories may differ considerably depending on the type of filtration system in use. There are several different kinds of water treatment and filtration systems including personal filtration bottles and pour-through filters, as well as point-of-use and point-of-entry systems able to filter the water supply of an entire home. These systems utilize a range of different processes in order to purify water such as ultraviolet disinfection, reverse osmosis and distillation.

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