What Are Some Common Wall Heater Repairs?

Some common repairs for wall heaters include resetting the breaker, replacing a fuse and repairing loose electrical connections. Other jobs include repairing the fan and replacing the heating element.

One of the reasons a wall heater could need a repair is due to it not expelling heat. Some of the possible causes of this include loose wires or a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse or incorrect thermostat setting. This may also occur due to the obstruction of airflow or a defective heating element. It is possible to repair some of these at home, but in many cases, a professional repair is necessary.

If the fan does not work, it could be due to wiring issues or a bad switch, blown fuse or faulty motor. Resetting the circuit breaker and checking the fuses are easy repairs. If these repairs do not work, an individual can open the heater to check the fan and motor. If the motor or fan is bad, a professional repair is necessary.

The fan may also work, but not blow out hot air. If this is the case, the heater could have a defective heating element or a loose wire. In both cases, an individual must cut off power to the fan before removing the heater from the wall and examining the heating element and wiring.