What Are Some Common Uses for Wood Pedestals?


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Wood pedestals may be used for plant stands, to hold statuary and even to showcase a table-top fountain or waterfall. Pedestals may be simple cubes or rectangles, elaborate hand-carved affairs or made out of recycled lumber or even old footstools. Even a simple piece of cut log, sanded smooth on top and left in its natural tree-trunk state on the sides, makes a somewhat rustic pedestal. An old wooden ladder may be painted and used as a multi-level plant stand.

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Wooden pedestals may need reinforcement if the statuary you plan on displaying is heavy, such as a bronze or stone figure. Other items made of resin or other plastics are lightweight and can be placed on almost any type of wood pedestal, even one made of plywood. Recycled lumber, such as pieces of 4X4 lumber capped on each end with a square-cut, wider board, creates a stable pedestal. So does the natural tree trunk idea.

Table top waterfalls and fountains are a popular feature in smaller backyards or even on a condo balcony. Most of these are lightweight, and almost all have a recirculating water system. A small motor, powered by plug-in electricity or batteries, keeps the water flowing. Some waterfalls look like miniatures of the real thing, with small stones creating natural-looking steps. The fountains are just as varied, with some having cascading sheets of water and others having the water flow from one level to another.

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