What Are Some of the Most Common Uses for WD-40?


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The most common use of WD-40 is for lubrication purposes or eliminating squeaky hinges. However, some other common uses for WD-40 include gum removal, separating glassware, removing tough scuff, cleaning toilet bowls and loosening stuck zippers. WD-40 is also used for extermination, waterproofing and ring removal.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Uses for WD-40?
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WD-40 is a useful resource for removing gum from surfaces or hair. If hair is tangled with gum, spray the hair with WD-40, and the gum combs out easily. Another common use is on top of bird feeders to keep squirrels away. Spraying the solution on the bird feeder causes the squirrel to slip off when attempting to stand on top or hold onto the sides. Separating stuck glassware is another common use of WD-40. When glasses are stuck together, spray a small amount of the solution on the glasses, and wait until the WD-40 has worked its way between the glasses. After a few seconds, it is easy to gently pull the glasses apart.

Using WD-40 also works to remove stains from the toilet bowl or tea stains from a countertop. Spray the solution on the toilet bowl, and allow it to sit for a few seconds to remove stains before scrubbing the solution away with a nylon brush. This removes lime and gunk easily.

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