What Are Some Common Uses for Strikemaster Blades?


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Strikemaster blades are designed for making holes in ice and are most commonly used for ice fishing but can be used for farm chores such as breaking up ice in livestock watering tanks and farm ponds. The company makes blades that fit its line-auger systems, including gas, electric and hand-powered models

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Strikemaster replacement blades are typically constructed of high-grade chrome alloy stainless steel with stone-ground edges and power-coated finish. Some Strikemaster replacement blades may fit other brands of equipment, but users should check for compatibility.

The company's line of four-stroke gasoline-powered augers includes the Lazer Mag series which uses its double-serrated Lazer ice-auger blades and its Chipper Lite unit that employs chipper-tipped blades. The Lazer Mag units are full-size augers designed for speed and power when cutting multiple holes through thick ice. The Chipper Lite units are smaller and more lightweight and are suitable for punching holes or reopening those that have frozen over. Strikemaster also makes hand-driven units that use either its Lazer blade series or the carbon-alloy Mora line of blades.

For its rechargeable Electra line of augers, the company makes its Electra blade line that follows the Lazer construction design but fits the different torque and power requirements of an electric motor.

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