What Are Some Common Uses for Polyethylene Adhesive?


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Polyurethane adhesives are commonly used to bond different types of material together, for example, wood and metal. These adhesives are well-suited for gluing mirrors to walls, or for repairing dishes.

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Polyurethane adhesive tends to be fast-curing, water-resistant and slightly flexible when dry, making it a good adhesive for small home construction projects and repairs. Because the glue is water-resistant, it is adequate for repairing items that may come into contact with water, such as vases or bath accessories. It may also be useful for adhering mirrors to walls in moist areas such as bathrooms. Polyurethane adhesives are generally not waterproof enough to withstand constant immersion in water, therefore they should not be used to repair boats or diving equipment.

The slight flexibility of the dried polyurethane means that excess dried glue may be sanded down without breaking the adhesive. Polyurethane adhesives are food-safe when dry, meaning they work well for repairing serving dishes, plates and cups. The user should ensure that the glue is fully cured before using a repaired dish.

The curing time for most types of polyurethane adhesive is around 20 minutes. The time allows inexperienced users to apply the glue and clamp the materials in place with accuracy. The glue is suitable for both professional and amateur projects.

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