What Are Some Common Uses for Metal Clips?


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Common uses for metal clips include using the clips to hold together papers in an office environment. The clips may also serve as cable catchers and razor safety covers. Attach the metal clip to the edge of the table and loop the cable through the thin wiring handles for a portable way to keep your wires still. The metal clips also contain enough room in their interior to keep the sharp end of a razor safe and away from damage.

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The metal clip, otherwise known as a binder clip, is a common part of many office environments. Its form is a steel strip bent into a triangular shape. It features loops at the apex of the triangle, and the tension at the base of the triangle forces the sides to close against each other, while the loop prevents the sharper edges from damaging papers and fingers. The loop contains two stiff wire configurations that serve as handles and allow users to open the clip.

The handles provide the stack of papers with additional stability when they are both down. Another configuration is to have a single handle up while another remains down, which allows you to hang the stack up on a board.

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