What Are Some Common Uses for L Brackets?


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L brackets are used for mounting shelves to walls and for securing cameras to tripods. Although L brackets designed for cameras differ from those designed for home shelving, both tools are used for attaching objects perpendicularly to one another.

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An L bracket is a rigid device bent so the two arms making up the body of the piece are at right angles to one another. The entire piece resembles the letter "L." L brackets are frequently used to create shelving without having to buy or build a separate storage unit. The bracket is attached to a wall, and a plank of wood or similar object is placed along the bracket's horizontal support. Shelves of this type are part of the wall.

L brackets are also used for securing cameras to tripods. The bracket allows the camera to be rotated so it can shoot in either a landscape or portrait orientation. These L brackets are usually of a special design that makes them usable on only a single model or a handful of models of cameras.

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