What Are Common Uses for Fencing Lumber?

What Are Common Uses for Fencing Lumber?

Some common uses for fencing lumber include making stockade, picket, shadowbox and board-on-board fences, notes USFenceGuide.com. Fencing lumber is long, narrow and rectangular and comes in different styles such as redwood, cedar and cypress. This variety makes it good to use for a variety of fence styles.

Using fencing lumber for a stockade fence is helpful when the homeowner wants some privacy, since the pieces of lumber are placed very closed to one another and then nailed that way. Long pieces of fencing lumber can be used for both privacy and security.

Fencing lumber can also be used to make a variety of picket fences, which are known for being decorative and can be made in either classical or contemporary styles. Making these fences involves using six by eight-foot pieces of lumber held by two rails and with pickets evenly spaced throughout the fence.

Making a shadowbox fence out of fencing lumber is a good idea when some privacy is needed, but not as much as with a stockade privacy fence, suggests RusticCraftFence.com. This style includes fencing lumber spaced either 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 inches apart, with visible space between the boards.

A board-on-board fence is a hybrid of the stockade and picket fences. It requires more fencing lumber, which makes the fence stronger but more costly. The fencing lumber is placed tightly together with some pickets placed throughout the length.