What Are Some Common Uses for a Chrome Wire Shelf?

What Are Some Common Uses for a Chrome Wire Shelf?

Chrome wire shelves can store cookware and pantry items in the kitchen, towels and toiletries in the bathroom, and tools and supplies in the workroom or garage. They work as bookshelves and entertainment stands. They can hold potted houseplants and decor items.

Kitchen storage uses can expand to include using chrome wire shelves for cookbooks, small appliances such as blenders and food processors, and wine racks to store bottles of wine. Wire shelves on wheels become rolling carts.

Wire shelves can fit into tiny bathroom spaces such as corners, under the sink and over the toilet. They hold cleansers and spare soap under the sink. Shelves over the toilet are useful for storing spare toilet paper and tissues.

In the living room, den or bedroom, chrome wire shelves can fit around a wall-mounted flat-screen television or support a smaller television on the top shelf. The DVD player and discs can stay underneath. Cables fit between the wires.

The shelves are useful as closet organizers and give easy access to toys in kids' rooms. Baskets or other containers on the shelves in the bedroom can house smaller items, such as a makeup collection. In the laundry room, they can hold detergent and the iron.

Chrome wire shelves also have common industrial uses. Restaurants store bulk foods on them. Hospitals use them in supply closets for spare patient bedding, bandages, and intravenous devices and saline bags. Repair shops use them for tools and parts.