What Are the Common Uses for 24V Light Bulbs?


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The common uses of 24V light bulbs include truck and bus lighting, street and RV lighting. The bulbs are also useful in off-grid environments, as they offer bright lighting at a low cost.

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Trucks and buses use 24V light bulbs in their headlights, according to Philips. By incorporating halogen solutions, heavy-duty vehicles take advantage of more lighting that the bulbs offer. This enhances productivity and safety of vehicles. These light bulbs also form part of the front and rear indicator and fog lights.

The light bulbs are also part of interior lighting in cars. They are a common feature of vehicles that use the 24V system and are popular, owing to their long life and the distinctive lighting they provide, says Auto Bulbs Direct. Solar systems also use these bulbs, which benefit off-grid areas. The bulbs provide in-house lighting through fluorescent lights, which are energy saving as they use up less wattage but offer more light than incandescent bulbs, notes the Independence Electric Company.

These bulbs are also a common feature of streetlights, which use LED bulbs that are energy efficient and are available at a low cost, says the Independence Electric Company. Some 24V light bulbs are dimmable, which makes them ideal for use in street lighting. Recreational vehicles also use such bulbs for indoor lighting, which also serve as flood work lights, says Philips.

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