What Are Some Common Types of Used Asphalt Equipment?

What Are Some Common Types of Used Asphalt Equipment?

Common types of used asphalt equipment include air-track drills, chip spreaders, cold planers, compactors, pneumatic rollers and curb machines. Additional types equipment commonly used by asphalt contractors include impact crushing machines and oil distributors.

Air-track drills are large drilling machines that use air motors to blast open concrete and asphalt surfaces so that construction laborers can work on segments of the surface area. These devices feature tracks for mobility in a variety of conditions.

Chip spreaders are heavy machines that lay down a layer of an aggregate material that allows a finished asphalt road to take on its form and gain resistance to the elements. A compactor then compresses this final aggregate layer using a large vibrating steel drum.

Cold planers, also known as pavement planers remove bituminous pavement from roadways in order to create a rough, but even surface that traffic can immediately travel on. The cold planer often deposits this material in a dump truck for later use or recycling.

Curb machines are specially designed pieces of heavy equipment that construct asphalt curbs and gutters. Asphalt contractors use impact crushing machines to compress large amount of waste into a more easily manageable form.

Oil distributing machines apply coats of protective tack to asphalt roads. Asphalt contractors consider these devices to be one of the most important and sophisticated ones in the road-building industry, with quality determined by the uniformity of coating and the durability of the resulting tack.