What Are the Most Common Types of Tea Kettles?

The most common type of tea kettle is the stove-top type. The second most common is the electric tea kettle, followed by the automatic tea brewer.

Stove-top tea kettles are not only the most widely available type of kettle but also the easiest to use. Coming in an assortment of different materials, including glass, copper, stainless steel and cast iron, stove-top tea kettles are the least expensive of the three most common types of kettles. Stove-top kettles are generally easy to maintain and keep clean.

The electric tea kettle heats water more quickly than stove-top kettles, taking an average of four to five minutes to do the job. In comparison, a stove-top kettle can take from seven to 10 minutes. A lot of electric kettles come with gauges that show water level. They also commonly feature an "auto shut-off" mechanism. Electric kettles typically have multiple temperature settings and a "keep warm" feature so they tend to be suitable for all different types of tea.

An automatic tea maker usually has a mix of tea kettle and teapot features. Somewhat similar to a coffee maker, an automatic tea maker typically contains a basket to hold tea. It does not, however, utilize a dripping mechanism.