What Are Some Common Types of Snow-Plowing Equipment?


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Some common types of snow-plowing equipment include handheld shovels, brooms and gasoline- and electric-powered snow-plowing equipment, as well as trucks, tractors and earth-moving machines. Sometimes gondola cars serve as snow-plowing equipment on railroads.

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Handheld shovels, brooms and gasoline- and electric-powered snow plowing equipment are common for homeowner use. For industrial use, common snow-plowing equipment includes trucks equipped with plow blades, big earth-moving machines, and tractors fitted with huge snow blowers.

Large V-plows mount on gondola cars for use as snow plowing equipment on railroads. A locomotive pushes these cars to clear the rails of any snowdrifts.

In the heaviest snow-impacted areas, big snow-blowing machines attach to military trucks or tracked vehicles. These machines can clear the regions of deep drifts and snow in which a regular truck may become stuck.

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