What Are Some Common Types of Oak Trees in Texas?

Two of the most common oak trees in Texas are the Post Oak and the Live Oak. Both grow throughout numerous places in Texas and are the most widely used plant to feed wildlife in many cases.

Post Oaks are medium to large trees that typically grow to a height of around 50 feet tall. They feature a short, round trunk, a rounded crown and a trunk diameter of around two feet. While Post Oaks are very common, they are more common around central and western Texas and are typically found growing either in sandy or gravely clay surfaces with little water drainage. The tree flowers in spring, with both genders of flower appearing on the same tree. The fruit of the tree is the acorn, which requires one year to mature.

The Live Oak is a slightly larger tree, growing upwards of 50 feet in length and possessing a trunk that is usually double the size of the Post Oak at four feet in diameter. However, its trunk is stouter and its branches grow widely, separating from large, twisting limbs that create a crown that can spread to over 100 feet in length. This tree prefers well-drained soils and is found closer to the coastal plain regions of the state. The tree is commonly planted as a landscape tree.