What Are Some Common Types of Bathroom Plumbing Repairs?


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Common types of bathroom plumbing repairs include unblocking traps and unclogging sink drains, according to DIYNetwork.com. Other common repairs include clearing a stopped-up toilet or fixing a showerhead that has weak pressure.

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To unblock a trap running from a sink, a plumbing snake run down the trap often works, according to DIYNetwork.com. The snake pushes the obstruction down the trap. Another option is to undo the trap, position a bowl under it to catch any water, and then remove the debris by hand before replacing the trap.

To unclog a sink drain, remove the spring tab from the adjustment arm on the drain, remove the sink trap's ball valve and pop-up plug and then remove any obstruction causing the clog. For stopped-up toilets, use a plunger or plumbing snake to attempt to remove the clog. A plunger often works, but the plumbing snake may be needed to burrow into the obstruction and loosen it up so that it can be flushed away.

To increase water pressure in the shower, use a descaling product to remove buildup. First unscrew the shower head from its hose, and then unscrew the spray plate. Clean it in descaling solution, flush the pipes and then replace the shower head.

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