What Is the Most Common Type of Roof Coating for Mobile Homes?


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The most common roof coating used on mobile homes is elastomeric roof coating. Most mobile homes have aluminum roofing, which over time will corrode and incur damage with constant exposure to the elements. Elastomeric roof coating provides extra protection for the roof, especially after fixing cracks and seams with sealants and caulk.

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The characteristics of elastomeric coating makes it ideal for mobile homes with metal roofing. It has the consistency of a liquid glue and once applied on a surface, it becomes a rubber-like sheet that covers the roof like an extra layer of protective skin. Some brands have included reflective qualities on their elastomeric coating to help lower the temperatures on the roof of mobile homes during the summer months.

Spring is the best time of the year to conduct maintenance work on the roofs of mobile homes. The roof must first be cleaned with a mild detergent or a TSP solution. After a thorough inspection, the cracks, holes and open seams must then be filled and sealed with patching cement, silicone caulking and metal sheets for larger holes.

Allowing ample time for the patching cement and caulking to dry, the elastomeric coating can then be applied. Elastomeric coating takes several hours to dry, it is best that it is applied during warmer days, earlier in the day and when rain is not expected.

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