What Are Some Common Trunk Designs?


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Trunks are typically categorized by the shape of the lid, with most being domed or flat. The most common variety, the flat-top or steamer trunk, comes in a number of sizes from small travel styles to very large wardrobe trunks.

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What Are Some Common Trunk Designs?
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Domed trunks include styles like the barrel-stave, which resembles the traditional treasure chest common in pirate lore. Flat-top trunks are stackable and were designed with travel in mind. These trunks range from compact cabin trunks, which were originally designed to require limited space on cramped trains or steamboats, to wardrobe trunks, which are opened on-end to serve as a portable closet. Wardrobe trunks include drawers on one side and space to hang clothes on the other.

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