What Are Some Common Troubleshooting Tips for Heat Pumps?


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The first common troubleshooting tip for when a heat pump doesn't work is to check the thermostat that is connected to the heat pump. It should be set to a temperature that is different from the temperature in the room. If the thermostat is new, owners need to make sure that it is made specifically for heat pumps and that it has been wired correctly.

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After that, users need to check if the heat pump is receiving electricity by making sure that the two circuit breakers are still in place protecting the electrical circuits that supply electricity within the heat pump. If the circuit breakers have tripped, users need to switch them off and back on to fix the issue. Another tip for when a heat pump doesn't work is to check if the power switch that is connected to the heat pump is switched on. This switch should be located on the wall close to the heat pump or in the air handler cabinet, but some heat pumps don't have that type of power switch.

One additional tip for troubleshooting heat pumps that have electrical elements that provide supplemental heat is to make sure that the circuit breakers or fuses that are connected to the heating elements are not blown or tripped. Heat pump owners must be extremely careful when working with electricity. It might be best to hire a specialist for those kinds of repairs.

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