What Are Some Common Trees in the United States?


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Some of the most common trees in the United States are the red maple, the sweetgum, the balsam fir and the quaking aspen. Some others are the sugar maple and the lodgepole pine.

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The red maple tree is very hardy and can grow in a diverse range of climates. It displays red buds in late Winter, red flowers in the Spring, red leaf stems in the Summer and red leaves in the Fall. The sweetgum is sometimes called redgum and grows mostly in the Southern parts of the country. It has distinctive star-shaped leaves that turn red in the Fall. Balsam firs are commonly used as Christmas trees. They are the most resistant to cold weather and the strongest-smelling of all the fir species.

The aspen is the most widely distributed tree species in North America, though the largest concentrations are found in Colorado and Utah. Their foliage turns a brilliant yellow color in the Fall. Sugar maple trees grow as far South as Florida and are the primary source of maple syrup. The sugar maple leaf famously appears on the Canadian flag. Lodgepole pines are vital to natural ecosystems throughout the Western United States and play an important part in the American timber industry.

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