What Are Some Common Tree Fungus Diseases?


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Some common tree fungus diseases are chestnut blight, amillaria root rot, annosus root rot, aspen canker and canker rot. Chestnut blight is notorious for having nearly wiped out the American chestnut. The fungus still survives and attacks trees such as post oak and chinkapin, though non-lethally.

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Amillaria root rot attacks not only trees but vines, shrubs and herbaceous non-grass plants. It destroys trees that are healthy and trees that are already sick. Annosus root rot attacks conifers of the eastern United States and usually kills them. Aspen canker invades the wounds of injured quaking aspen trees. Canker rot affects hardwood trees and is partial to red oak, though it also attacks white oak, hickory and honey locust.

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