What Are Some Common Trane Furnace Problems?

Common problems with Trane furnaces include failure to heat up, the furnace failing to run and the furnace becoming too loud. Other common problems include the furnace running for a few minutes then shutting off and the blower running continuously.

A faulty igniter used to light the gas burner causes failure to heat. The control board regulates power supply to the furnace components. If the board is defective, the furnace fails to heat up. If the gas valve is clogged, the transfer of air into the furnace’s burner is impaired causing the failure to heat up.

The thermostat regulates temperature inside the furnace. If the thermostat is faulty, the furnace becomes noisy. When the blower is set at a high speed, it produces unnecessary noise. A faulty thermostat that regulates temperature also causes the furnace to become loud and noisy or when the blower is set at a high speed. Failure to run is caused by clogging of the draft inducer’s inlet pipe with snow or ice.

When the flame sensor fails to detect the flame, the control board shuts off voltage and the furnace runs then shuts off. The gas valve causes the heating cycle to stop. When the valve is defective, the furnace runs irregularly. The motor control board connects the furnace switches. A defective control board causes the blower to run continuously. A loosely fixed gas valve and control burner causes the furnace blower to run for long without stopping.