What Are Some Common Traits of Homes in the Northwest?


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Homes built in the Northwest of the United States often tend toward either cottage designs or modern designs, including a distinctive style known as Northwest Contemporary, though Colonial and Tudor Revival styles are also popular in the region. Houses in the Northwest are also built to accommodate the significant rainfall experienced during the fall, winter and spring months with extensive gutter and rainwater management features. Incorporation of the surrounding natural landscape is also a common feature in many Northwest homes.

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The rainy climate of the Northwest drives many of the architectural features common in Northwest homes, as does the area's diverse population and history of pioneer self-sufficiency. The latter influence is one of the reason that cottage and craftsman-style homes are so popular in the region, while the former is seen in the Native American and Japanese aesthetics that influence the Northwest Contemporary home style. The influence of Japanese, modern and minimalist design trends is also evident in the open floor plans common to Northwest homes, though these open spaces also help residents avoid the feeling of being closed in during the long rainy season. Large windows also help give homes a more open feel and are very common in Northwest homes built in any style.

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