What Are the Common Tools to Make Removing Wallpaper Easy?


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Some tools that help to remove wallpaper easily include a razor scraper, chemical stripper, steam cleaner and paint roller. The type of tool needed depends on the method being used.

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A razor scraper is often all that is needed to remove wallpaper. It looks like a putty knife, though it has a sharp edge that helps to get underneath the wallpaper’s edge and pull it away from the wall. It is gentle enough to be used on a wall without damaging it. Chemical strippers are used for wallpaper that has textured coating, since it is more difficult to remove with the other tools.

A steam cleaner or wallpaper stripper helps to loosen the wallpaper by steaming the adhesive so it pulls away from the wall easily. Depending on the method, some other tools used include wallpaper removal solvent, spray bottles, masking tape and wall sponges.

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