What Common Specs Do Whirlpool Washers Share?


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Different models and lines of Whirlpool washers share common specifications such as load capacity, agitator type, loading method and high efficiency options. The washers also share common details regarding wash type and temperature options, energy efficiency rating, special features and warranty term. Each unit also shares the same weight and dimension formatting.

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All Whirlpool washing machines share the same specification formatting for load capacity, which refers to the amount of clothing and other materials that comfortably fits into the unit in cubic feet. Another common specification is agitator type, which refers to the mechanisms that move the contents of the machine around to provide exposure to soap and water. Load method refers to the process through with the operator adds items into the machine, such as top loading or front loading. All Whirlpool washing machines also include specifications about energy efficient ratings and options, which include official certification from organizations such as Energy Star.

The machines also include a standard breakdown of common features such as the number of temperature options for wash cycles, though most do not include details about the specific temperatures. Similarly, the specifications also mention the number of cycles speeds for both wash and rinse portions, again refraining from explaining the exact nature of the speeds. The specifications also include details about the length, width, height and weight of each unit.

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